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Deb Olejownik

Hello, I’m Debra Olejownik,
I sharpen leadership skills!
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When it comes to traditional leadership and life coaching, the goal for each of my clients is to learn on our journey together how to live and lead a more self-assured life by incorporating new habits that are sustainable for long-term success.

My goal as a coach in this industry is to bridge the gap between your potential and your greatness as you continue to learn, transformation, and develop your life, by offering something different.

I offer services that include leadership and life coaching sessions and all my coaching is based on the belief that we are capable. The services I provide include open and honest communication where we are finding what will work to help you reach your goals and sustain a better life. Coaching with HEART encompasses Human interactions, Engagement, Alignment, Relationships, and Trust.

Deb Olejownik & Coaching With HEART